Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fridge magnets go high-tech

You are at work and forgot to remind your children to buy milk, so you email... your fridge!

The Israeli branch of Taiwanese high-tech firm Winbond Electronics Corp has developed prototypes of devices with software giant Microsoft that transmit data from a computer to a portable screen, such as one on a refrigerator magnet.

The devices incorporate a technology called SideShow, a feature in Windows Vista, which was released earlier this year. They can connect to a computer up to 100 metres away with a Bluetooth wireless connection, even if the PC is turned off.

The gadgets allow you to write notes, check and send email, view pictures and read news, stock reports and more.

Among the devices Winbond is working on is the Scribbler, a palm-sized, one-inch thick magnet with a touch-pad monitor.

The user can use these monitors without going to the PC. Using a stylus pen commonly used for pocket computers, a person could scrawl notes on The Scribbler or send emails from work that they can read on the device.

The gadgets are expected to be launched later this year.

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